Waxhaw Forward



A Road Map for Solving Waxhaw’s Transportation Needs


Funded by NCDOT Approved & Committed
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Funded by Private
Development &
Future Residents
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Funded by Current
Waxhaw Taxpayers
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What is Waxhaw Forward?

A collaborative approach to address Waxhaw’s current transportation challenges and accommodate the Town’s growth, which does NOT put the cost for new infrastructure on the current town taxpayers.

To complete Waxhaw’s Transportation Plan, and finally build the much needed – and long talked about – Waxhaw Parkway, we need a new approach. This must include a collaboration with the development community in which their projects and the new residents pays for the Parkway which will accommodate additional future traffic, while also helping further eliminate existing traffic issues.

Kensington Dr Corridor Project

Kensington Dr. Corridor Project

NCDOT Funded - $4,400,000
Sunset Hill Rd to NC-16

  • 2020 Design
  • 2022 Land Acquisition
  • 2024 Construction
Providence Rd Widening

Providence Rd. Widening

NCDOT Funded - $82,500,000

Cuthbertson Road to Waxhaw Pkwy

  • 2021 Design
  • 2024 Land Acquisition
  • 2027 Construction

NCDOT Project Website

CSX RR Overpass

CSX RR Overpass

NCDOT Rail Funded - $23,600,000

Helms Road @ CSX tracks

  • 2021 Study Completed
  • 2022 Land Acquisition
  • 2023 Construction

NCDOT Project Website

Old Providence Intersection

Old Providence Intersection

NCDOT Funded - $4,300,000

Old Providence Rd @ NC-75

  • 2021 Design
  • 2023 Land Acquisition
  • 2025 Construction

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How Will the Waxhaw Forward Plan
Fund the Parkway?

NCDOT is already funding some of Waxhaw & Western Union County’s worst existing traffic issues.

  • Widening Providence Road – NC-16 – from Rea Road to Waxhaw Parkway.
  • NCDOT Rail Division constructing an overpass at Helms Road so traffic can safely, and efficiently, cross the CSX tracks when trains are rumbling through downtown Waxhaw.
  • NCDOT is making long-awaited improvements to the intersection of NC-75 and Old Providence Road

NCDOT will NOT fund the Waxhaw Parkway within the next 15 years, which means we need to build it with a different approach…

Waxhaw creates a mechanism to fund and construct the long-awaited Waxhaw Parkway

  • Private developers will facilitate the creation of a Municipal Service District (MSD) to generate revenues exclusively to be used to construct the Waxhaw Parkway.
  • Large properties which will be developed (and ONLY those properties) will be included in the new Waxhaw Forward MSD and will pay a higher property tax rate. The additional tax rate on these development project properties will be decided by the Waxhaw Board of Commissioners.
  • The private developers whose projects are within areas of the planned Waxhaw Parkway will dedicate land and construct the sections of the Parkway which are within their properties.
  • New/future residents or commercial property owners within the new developments will continue to be part of the MSD when their new lots are created, and they will also pay the higher property tax rate. New residents buy homes knowing in advance their tax rate is higher.
  • The new houses and commercial buildings will have a much higher assessed value than vacant land and will help the MSD accelerate revenue generation.
  • Waxhaw Board of Commissioners eliminates the Waxhaw Forward MSD and additional tax rate when the Waxhaw Parkway is completed and fully funded.



The advancement of the Waxhaw Parkway begins today without any costs to existing Waxhaw Taxpayers.

Waxhaw Parkway:
By the Numbers

CSX rail overpasses


Portion of Parkway
built within past
10+ years


alignment length


Estimated time to
Waxhaw Parkway
without Waxhaw
Forward Plan

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